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Excellent Practice!

An excellent practice, run by very friendly and knowledgeable people. I would highly recommend it. A very pleasurable and educational visit and I look forward to my next one.

H. Stewart 8th

My Life is Back on Track

I had been told by two different consultants that the pains in my arms would never go away and at the age of 21 I should attend a pain clinic for the rest of my life. I had dropped out of my nursing degree as I couldn’t even hold a glass of water or write a letter. I attended Align 4 Life after trying everything from physiotherapy to horrific painkillers on which I was dizzy all the time and had trouble getting out of bed.

Dr Neil (Doctor of Chiropractic) and the team encouraged me to persevere even when things were really tough, I was scared as to how much my body could take. I also saw Gill who encouraged me to eat well and drink more water and through her I saw a massive change in my body. My pain lessened dramatically, my skin was clearer and I didn’t realize until I felt so good how awful I had been feeling! I am now pain free, have now finished my degree, started a new job as a nurse and fulfilled a life long dream and started training to be a midwife! All of that just wasn’t possible and its thanks to Align 4 Life that it is now my reality!

Thank You!

BM, Port St Mary

Genuinely Helpful

The whole experience was fantastic! Everybody seems genuinely committed to helping me work towards improving my wellness – I already feel part of the process. Because everything’s been explained to me, I feel that this has got to be part of a lifestyle shift if I’m to be as well as I can be. The team & the entire set up has made me want to proceed. The whole operation is very slick & polished, the environment is very clean, welcoming & relaxing. I’m really looking forward to enjoying the results & also to going through the process. I can’t wait for my next visit!

Kathi Butler

Ended a Lifetime of Pain

I have suffered for many years with back problems through a lifetime of working on cars in my profession as an auto electrician. In the past I have seen numerous back specialists, all have offered temporary improvement, but at the most recent visit to my GP, after he referred me to a physiotherapist who said he could do no more after 2 visits, my GP referred me to a back specialist in the UK with a view to surgery. I have heard of many ‘horror stories’ of people who have undergone ‘the knife’ with their backs and have been much worse afterwards. Thankfully, before going down that route, a friend of mine from Ramsey suggested I tried Align 4 Life, and how glad I am that I had that conversation!

I have photographic proof that I am far more upright than I have been for a very long time. My general back problems have been significantly improved during the 2 years I have now been receiving regular chiropractic adjustments, exercises and traction.

I have learnt that prevention is better than cure and adopting the chiropractic way is certainly a good way to achieve that. We all tend to focus on our problems in a reactive rather than proactive way, and want to see quick results once pain is felt. However, I now realise that, not only in relation to my back, but in regards to my health as a whole, chiropractic aims to treat the whole body and mind as one, since I now understand that so many things can impact, and present symptoms, in various ways that are not necessarily caused by what might at first be apparent and obvious.

Although I believe I have always led a relatively healthy lifestyle, chiropractic has made me realise that there are many aspects that lead to being ‘healthy’. I have endeavoured to improve not only what I eat, but also, probably more importantly for me, the times at which I eat. I also now realise that it takes far more than a ‘quick fix’ pill prescription to improve things, my general positive outlook on life is contributory to my general well-being, in addition to being reasonably active. The improvement to both my back, and my health in general, I now appreciate is a journey rather than an event. For example, I have also recently commenced dentist work to remove all amalgam fillings from my mouth, on the recommendation of Dr Thompson (Doctor of Chiropractic), which would never have occurred to me without his suggestion, and had never been recommended by my previous dentist, in fact quite the opposite!

I propose to continue receiving chiropractic care, hopefully on simply a maintenance basis, for the rest of my life, for the reasons stated above.

Ian Sims

Headaches? What headaches?!

I suffered from a constant cluster headache combined with ice pick headaches for over 2 years. A work colleague saw how debilitating it was and suggested I try Align 4 Life.

Since starting at Align 4 Life, firstly the headaches have virtually gone. I have more energy, better concentration and improved stamina.

I have been able to exercise more and be generally more active. This has helped me lose 2 stone in weight. Less pain = more happiness.

I have learned that chiropractic care helps to optimize the individual and this enhances your entire existence in more ways than I can say. I have no intention to stop attending Align 4 Life as I look forward to continuing improvements.

RL, Douglas

Allergies and Illness are Old News

II had been suffering from back pain and nerve shocks in my left arm; after trying a number of alternative treatments without success I decided to try chiropractic care.

Since starting my care at Align 4 Life the nerve pain has improved gradually and now I rarely suffer from this full stop. I also previously suffered from allergies and struggled with bouts of glandular fever.

I have noticed my overall well-being and health has improved drastically and I’m no longer plagued by these allergies or glandular fever, in-fact I am now rarely ill which is a complete contrast to how I was before treatment.

I will continue with my care at Align 4 Life as I feel chiropractic care is important to my ongoing well-being. I appreciate my daily life has a negative impact on my posture and spine, whilst the care I receive at Align 4 Life is constantly counteracting this enabling my nervous system to function as it should. The care I have received from the team at Align 4 Life has always been of excellent standard.

Peter Harrison

Worth a Shot!

I was referred to Align 4 Life by my previous chiropractor who said they could not help me anymore as once your spine is ‘miss-shaped’ it cannot be corrected, but after they went to a seminar run by Neil prior to Align 4 Life opening, they showed it was possible, yet still skeptical.

Since starting my care I have seen a great improvement overall.

I have learned that most things you previously learn about health and medicine is not necessarily true. Medicine itself is not always the answer as it only treats the symptoms instead of the underlying cause. Unlike chiropractic care however, which treats the underlying issue and can relate to a lot of other health issues, which I have personally seen an improvement in.

Having attended the ‘Eat Well’ workshop, I have improved my diet and also exercise regularly. As I still have improvements to be made, I will continue my care and even once this is concluded I will continue with regular care as I’ve learned that keeping care of your body is vitally important.

Sam Curtis

So Many Benefits!

I heard about Align 4 Life from my mother, who had been referred to Dr. Thompson (Doctor of Chiropractic). My mother had suffered from back pain most of her life and I was concerned that I too would face a similar predicament. I saw treatment through Align 4 Life as a preventative action. I was also keen to receive treatment as I often had tension in my shoulders and neck, causing daily aches and pains. On a more superficial level, I didn’t like my posture in terms of appearance and was willing to get help in order to change this.Since commencing treatment I have noticed a release of tension in my shoulders and neck virtually immediately. After 6 months of treatment I have a much larger range of movement in my neck and shoulders and do not get the tension build up; the daily aches and pains are gone! My posture is looking much better; I can hold myself with confidence. I used to regularly suffer from heartburn and sneezing fits in the morning, both of which have now gone. I am finding as my nervous system is functioning better, the way my body processes food has changed and I’ve lost weight as a result. I have greater energy levels and generally often find myself telling people that ‘I feel like a new person!’

Having initially seeking a better posture for appearance reasons, I now understand that a good posture equates to a well-functioning nervous system, which means your body as a whole functions optimally. I’ve learned through the Align 4 Life workshops the importance of what you eat, how you move, and how you think and how these affect your overall well being.

Lifestyle-wise I now attend a Pilates class once a week which has helped build my core strength and flexibility, keeping my now-correct posture. I also eat a better diet consisting of raw fruit and vegetables, reducing dairy and wheat intake, replacing soya milk (which I had used for years) with oat milk, and by taking Omega 3 and pro-biotic supplements daily.

I have now been receiving treatment for two years and don’t intend to stop. I see chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle choice, an investment in my health, and improved quality of life for the future.

Kristina Crawford

Medicine is now not necessary

I came to Align 4 Life having suffered from severe neck pain, stiffness and headaches.Since starting my care, my symptoms have ceased and stiffness has gone. My nerve irritations in my right wrist has also stopped which had previously stopped me from holding anything in my right hand and from participating in racquet sports.

I used to take medications for a number of ailments including asthma and hay fever, which I no longer need. I find I am sleeping better, my immune system is much stronger, and I haven’t been off sick for 15 months. I am also eating healthier which has made me lose over a stone in weight.

In my time at Align 4 Life, I have learned that the nervous system is key to your body’s health. Chiropractic care corrects subluxations in the nervous system, helping to restore proper nervous system function.

I shall continue with my care as I would like to maintain improvements I have made and possibly progress even more.

Gesa Winnell

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