Reflexology Treatment in Douglas, Isle of Man

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Massage Therapy in Douglas, Isle of Man

Reflexology & Massage in Douglas, Isle of Man

(inc. Swedish, Sports & Indian Head Massage)

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet (or the hands) to help reduce stress and promote wellbeing. The theory behind the treatment is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to the foot is believed to bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding region of the body. Several studies indicate that reflexology may reduce pain and psychological symptoms, such as stress and anxiety, and enhance relaxation and sleep. Since reflexology is also low risk, it can be an excellent treatment to explore if you seek relaxation and stress relief.

Indian Head Massage, also known as Champissage, is a treatment that focuses on massaging acupressure points along with the head, neck, and shoulders, often using circular massage strokes to improve hair and scalp condition. It originates from an Indian alternative medicine system called Ayurveda (translated as the ‘science of life’). It is believed that the mind and body are intricately connected and thus can influence one another. It is also thought that Indian head massage can not only reduce headaches and improve physical wellbeing, but it can improve mental and emotional wellness.

Tailored to meet specific needs or conditions

Our therapist will tailor each session to meet a client’s specific needs or conditions.

Vicki Black-Leigh

Reflexology & Massage Therapist

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Tues: 9:00am-4:30pm
Thurs: 1:30pm-9:00pm

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