Gina Horan

Rehab Technician and Personal Trainer

gina-horan1I joined Dr Neil Thompson (Doctor of Chiropractic) at Align 4 Life in March 2010 and it was only then that I was introduced and truly understood the philosophy of chiropractic.

My mum had visited a chiropractor several years ago and I always thought the purpose of her visits were ‘to get her back clicked!’ However, it was only when meeting Neil and I began working at Align 4 Life that I was educated about the true power of chiropractic.

I am passionate about health, fitness and human anatomy and it was after listening to the spinal presentation given by Neil, that everything I have learned and studied over the years, started to really make sense and connect with chiropractic. I have always known how amazing and capable the human body is and learning the natural, holistic approach chiropractic has, I could finally see the foundations needed to attain true optimal health.

Following a Passion

My passion has always been in health and fitness and this started from an early age. As a child growing up, my parents were forever driving me and my sisters to sports clubs each and every night of the week. My sports included netball, gymnastics, hockey, swimming and table-tennis.

Naturally, I wanted to enter higher education in the sports industry so I went on to study a BSc Hons degree in Sports Studies at Liverpool Hope University.

After completing my degree, I returned to the island and found a seasonal job at the National Sports Centre. I continued working at the NSC for several years as I was provided with the opportunity to train as a lifeguard and Level 2 Gym Instructor.

I decided I wanted to further my training in the health and fitness industry and returned to Liverpool to complete my Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Personal Training and Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy Diploma before returning to the island and setting up my own business. In 2007, I set up ‘Return 2 Fitness’ based in Port Erin. During my years of self-employment, I had the pleasure of working as pitch-side therapist for Douglas Rugby FC as well as travelling to Aland for the Island Games to work as Sports Massage Therapist for the Gymnastics and Badminton teams. I continue to provide treatment and sports massage at the Parish Walk and other charity/sports events alongside my colleagues at Align 4 Life.

In the clinic I am involved with setting clients up in spinal traction, assisting with corrective mirror-imaging rehab exercises, helping clients with core based rehabilitation and providing sports massage to clients to help manage their soft tissue complaints. Alongside my other colleagues, I also work with new clients in the clinic by carrying out the Stress test and Posture Analysis during their initial assessment. This great variety in the clinic keeps me excited and interested about what we have to offer at Align 4 Life.

I am happy and honoured to be working alongside other team members and enjoy helping clients work towards achieving their true health potential.

Matt Middleton

Rehab Technician

I joined the Align 4 Life Rehabilitation Team in March 2021. Before being introduced to the clinic, I had limited knowledge of chiropractic treatment. Presuming the only reason to require such treatment would be for back and neck pain. After experiencing first-hand the benefits of such treatment, I now understand that this is not just a correction of the spine or cracking the back, but a complete fix for so many illnesses and medical conditions throughout the body. The holistic approach at Align 4 Life and the desire to help every individual is what drove me to pursue this career.

I have always been passionate and interested in health, fitness, and nutrition from a young age. I have a lot of hobbies that I continue to build on throughout my life, most of which centre around fitness. These include football, long-distance running, gym, surfing, hiking, skateboarding and slacklining.

I have worked in various jobs, from the finance sector to e-gaming; however, my ambition has always been to find a career that incorporates my passion for health and fitness with the ability to help others. I am incredibly grateful to now be in this position and look forward to my future career here. I look forward to helping each person that comes through the door at Align 4 Life.

Michelle Hutson

Rehab Technician

I joined the rehab team at Align 4 Life in September 2021 after being intrigued by Chiropractic Biophysics.

For over 20 years, my background has been in the health and fitness sector, starting out as a Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and Gym Manager. I have also taught and assessed new personal trainers within the fitness industry for the past ten years. After becoming a mum myself, I retrained as a Pre and Postnatal Women’s Wellness Coach, where I further developed my knowledge of anatomy, physiology and psychology.

I have always had a passion for helping people improve their lives through health, wellness, nutrition, and the power of the mind. Since joining Align 4 Life, I have noticed how chiropractic biophysics follows all the principles I have learned over the years. I am very excited to help others achieve their health and wellness goals, and I am proud to be working with such a fantastic team.

Michelle Fitzpatrick

Chiropractor Assistant

I relocated to the Island two years ago from South Africa with my husband and family. If I am honest, I have always been a little sceptical about Chiropractors, hearing mixed reports from those who had received ‘traditional’ treatment. I discovered Align 4 Life when my husband needed care. After years of back pain, it was incredible to see the change in his back and general health. I then received treatment myself and have been genuinely amazed by the results. I used to suffer from debilitating migraines, which I now have not experienced in over nine months since having treatment. I have more energy, sleep better, and am migraine free!

Since working at Align 4 Life, it has been amazing to see how clients’ lives have been turned around through advanced Chiropractic BioPhysics. Although I’m not directly involved in patient care, it is a privilege to support them in their journey to health and work alongside a great team of Doctors and Rehab Technicians.

Paula Callister

Chiropractor Assistant

I joined the team at Align 4 Life as a Chiropractic Assistant on 1st June 2022. Before this, I had minimal knowledge of chiropractic treatments, but now I have witnessed the real impact of Chiropractic BioPhysics and the amazing results that can be achieved. I moved to the Isle of Man in 1987 to work for a summer season in a hotel and remained on the Island, finding work in a financial company where I met my husband. When our daughter was born in 1996, I became a full-time housewife and mother and am so grateful that I could do this, as raising my two children has been the most rewarding (and challenging) period of my life. I am very proud of the young adults they have become and the achievements and successes they have had along the way.

I am now delighted to work with the great team at Align 4 Life, and I’m impressed with the differences I see in the faces of those who come through the door – I indeed count it a privilege to help each of our clients.

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