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Counselling in Douglas, Isle of Man to Work Through Life’s Issues & Bring Balance

Counselling in Douglas, Isle of Man: Align 4 Life provides in-office therapy sessions to clients to help them manage many of life’s issues. Whether a client is suffering from anxiety, struggling to face the day on a regular basis, constantly fighting with family and loved ones, going through a life transition that they are having a hard time dealing with or struggling to come to terms with certain life events, Align 4 Life is here to help.

Counselling at Align 4 Life

The counselling offered at our Douglas, Isle of Man facility is designed around the individual needs of the client. Our counsellor, Thamar Rooken-Smith, will start a dialogue and draw on a number of different counselling skills in order to help bring balance to the client. Align 4 Life firmly believes that every person should be given a chance to deal with problems or issues of the past in order to become the best version of themselves now and in the future.


Thamar Rooken-Smith

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